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"Great mess but to short in the dress."
An excellent dress, perect for a great mess. The performens and the girl are allso excellent! But sh starts to destroy the dress to erly! I miss a presentation of the holly messed dress when she stand up and show all directionsof different angels. gerd01, 16 days ago
"A must buy, for any WAM lover!"
This is a most excellent video, well worth the $20 price tag. Plenty of beautiful submerging from the word go by beautiful Ariel Andrews, some head dunking as well thrown in. She mostly does beautiful submerges throughout though, with each submerge she must spend 30 seconds to a minute submerge. She even treats us to a lovely orgasm as well. WomenInMudLover, 5/12/19
"A Lovely New Lady"
Welcome the lovely Jenna to the team. A real fun loving woman. Seems quite bright. Wise enough to know better but fun-loving enough to do it anyway. With all the right attributes. Lovely figure. Nice breasts. Nice bum. Excellent with a pied face and, for me even better, a wet fishnet dress. I did like that bit. But best of all, she seems to enjoy being WAM and loves posing for her fans. Oh I am looking forward to seeing a lot more of Jenna soon. She is lovely. Splosh Lover, 5/12/19
"A classic."
I remember seeing this years ago. I love this because its meant to be a photo set, not a movie, so it's like "behind the scenes."

Hearing Jilly say "Oh no" just as Ariel is about to pour some goo over her, is lush! It gets everywhere. ItsJay, 5/9/19
"Fantasic idea"
"Messy in public" that hit my mind! Wow! Great action and fantastic idea...

Hope you do somthing like this again. Paint will be my favourit! 8-) Maybe next tim you'll prepare the stuff alrerady at home or squirt it inside as you are standing and not in the car. Only disappointing is that the messy part in the car is missing, while driving back home. But woth to buy and ther are also less "omg!" and shriekings inside it. surgif, 4/30/19
"Fun and sexy!"
This Video exemplifies how hot a Duo Jewel & Ariel make. My Fave WAM Duo to be honest. This is fun even if your not into CosPlay, as they're beauty and playfulness make the video. Then when the outfits come off, you get to marvel at 2 very tone sexy asses, great legs and irresistible breasts all being coated in pie, batter etc... It's a must see! ed1, 4/10/19
"Fun loving Jilly"
A fine example of how much fun Jilly can be. It is tempting to suggest that she is a cute fun loving girl, see how prettily she dresses up for us, but in truth she is way too sexy for that. The pies go everywhere and I do mean everywhere. The hand held camera allows good close-ups as her frock is slowly removed and her naked body covered by nothing more than a coating of chocolate sauce. Clearly it is done for our entertainment but I definitely get the strong impression that she thoroughly enjoys her work. This is how good it gets when she likes what she does. Jilly, that's a stunning body you have and thanks for letting us stare as you have fun. Splosh Lover, 3/31/19
"Jilly trashes the clothes"
A fashion statement from a few years ago by the lovely, fun, beautiful Jilly. Can I say I have never seen clothes trashed and much as this. This is a whole new level of trashing. This is trashing by somebody who never wants to go near these clothes ever again. And I suppose, if you are as beautiful, particularly naked, as Jilly then why would you? Why indeed? Of course the question then remains, if no clothing then what? Mind you frim where I'm sitting, nudity looks pretty good but, Jilly being Jilly, she has a better plan. You will just have to watch but it does end with a naked girl completely coated in black, shiny paint. It's awesome. Back then when it was made, it probably set the standard. It's amazing and I urge everyone to see it. Splosh Lover, 3/31/19
"A new sexy Ariel"
Ariel has been working hard on building her body. You don't get a tight, muscular, fit body like that without a lot of hard work. It may not be WAM but it makes her really rather good to look at and I do like it a lot. The oil she pours over herself is shiny and transparent so enhancing without hiding the new body. For me, it is messy enough to still be WAM, without which it wouldn't be nearly so sexy to look at, but the main event is the complete abandonment with which she shows off all parts of herself and takes the time to slowly and deliberately bring herself (and me) to a climax. There is a nice little section at the end for some additional showing off of her new body. I love it and I look forward to seeing more in the future. Splosh Lover, 3/30/19
"One from a few years ago"
It's good to see Jilly in a video. She was one of the pioneers of WAM, sexy, fun, and I miss her. Here she works well with Ariel for a nice, classic, messy video. I love the way they both seem to enjoy getting a pie in the face. It's brilliant. Fun and messy then clean and wet. I love it. As an additional point of interest, a recent wambabes video by Ariel shows her after a lot of hard work into building a better body. I do hope she doesn't mind if I observe that this older video shows her 'before' body. Still sexy when messy then wet in a bikini but different. Splosh Lover, 3/30/19
"Vika is lovely as always!"
I actually found out about Vika from the MG Vegas Pie Booth vid and I love her work so much and this video of her is just perfect even though she got her ass handed to her lol. J.Bond, 3/28/19
"Classy outfit totally trashed, shirt ripped open, dildo playing"
So this shiny outfit gets totally messy & wrecked and the shirt ripped open, while Ariel is having a lot of fun during the act of trashing.

The opening scene is Ariel sitting in a white pantyhose with stockings on top of it, looking like the ideal secretary that makes you dream... That dream gets hot when Ariel bends over to show you her Nylon clad bum just before it is pied... and with all those pies around her, you know what is going to come! There won't be left a clean spot on this wambabe! At the end the white hosiery has got totally black to a point you almost don't recognize Ariel, who's even more sexy though.

Personally, I wouldn't mind a little bit more of clothes ripping (blouse, skirt, tights) which I think Ariel is so good. Also, perhaps half a bucket of water midway the action in order to have a shiny wet & messy climax before getting all messy again. How could I forget to mention that Ariel's circular boob caressing and dildo playing makes this a very erotic scene! Definitely looking forward to many more of these classy & messy scenes. Jansson, 3/16/19
"Naughty and highly erotic scene with suddenly lots of dirty talk"
It all starts with Jayce in a gown, I did not care for it when I bought the scene but it's soo sexy when it gets glistening messy.

Both girls in black stockings. The action starts with Ariel messing Jayce up, both gown and stockings, then after a couple of minutes the roles are reversed. When Ariel is messy, all of a sudden Jayce starts talking dirty... both girls suggesting you a lot of naughty ideas, slowly encouraging you. I wouldn't have thought of any effect before but the whole scene then gets very erotic. After that Ariel starts with the ripping her shirt, slowly messing up her bra with circular movements... One climax leads to another...

This scene is so good with all the built-in climaxes, that it took me some views to get to the end. Two superb and sexy ladies make you dream. Very erotic indeed. Jansson, 3/16/19
"Very muddy, very naked and very sexy"
I am in a dilemma. A quandary. A forked stick if you will. I have the advantage of a WAM fetish so the more that Ariel covers herself in mud the better I like it. Then when we get rather a good look at her pussy as she massages it with the mud followed by a vibrating dildo it inevitably ends with a nice relaxing but intense orgasm. Yes, and for Ariel as well as me. Love it. Brilliant. On the other hand, this video starts with Ariel standing naked in front of the camera and ends, post clean-up, with Ariel and Jayce also naked. It isn't WAM but they are very beautiful women and being give permission to simply stare is really very wonderful. Maybe I'll buy a lot more their videos and do some more research. Splosh Lover, 3/15/19
"Chocolate Dreams"
As I look out of the window we have cold wind and rain. It is winter but I am reliably informed (it happens every year) that Spring is on the way. I am also informed (it's marked on my calendar) that Easter is coming. And Easter means chocolate. Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and even better, even more exciting, we have chocolate Ariel. No time like the present so let's get on and reduce the lovely Ariel to a mess of chocolate. I just love her breasts. Bra size is about a standard handful and there good health benefits of chocolate sauce being massaged into her proud nipples although the advantages go mainly to the person doing the massage rather than Ariel but, heh, it still counts. And when she takes two bottles of sauce and pours them over her face it makes me feel an awful lot better. No idea why but it works a treat. Love it. Splosh Lover, 3/12/19
"A sexy WAM video"
Some might say that this is a melodrama of jealousy between girlfriends played out by two experienced actresses with a complex script in which the girls do all their own stunts. I say that it is simply an excuse for two gorgeous girls to get messy and then strip topless and later naked. Dress-mess-strip-repeat Works for me.

One thing that came as a bit of a surprise was how sexy it is to watch a girl having her clothes cut and ripped off her by somebody else. Something to do with being willingly naked for the camera but more likely it is simply down to how gorgeous Ariel looks topless, then naked then Jayce naked. I tell you, they are very good.

So they both end up messy and naked which is always brilliant. Sorry, I mean, the drama plays out leaving honors satisfied, the girls reunited and they all live happily ever after. Which is nice. But mostly it's a sexy WAM video. Splosh Lover, 1/9/19
"Two girls having fun"
This is Ariel, the beautiful star of UMD, doing one of the many things she does so well namely having fun getting messy with a friend.

For fun, she has a friend, the very pretty Kaydens, round for brunch then spends time getting messy together with the left-overs. Spending time sploshing themselves and sploshing each other including batter, nice cold milk spray cream, and even raw eggs. Ariel strips to nude while Kaydens to tiny knickers and socks which she attempts to fill. But the most important ingredient is the enormous fun they have while doing it. They just can't stop laughing.

Two pretty girls having a bundle of fun getting coated and (almost) nude. I love it. Happy days. Happy Christmas! More. More please. Splosh Lover, 12/20/18
"Sexiest Self Wamming Yet!"
One of the hottest & sexiest self wam-ings I've seen from one of the hottest self wammers on UMD. I can't stop watching and being aroused! Ariel, this is the hottest Pittsburgh Steeler colors could ever be. Your curves and body is super sexy, and your movements, leg poses and toe pointing and foot teases are over the top. The black tights against you makes me want to suck every inch of them and you clean. The syrup over the dress and your tights just accentuates your curves and physique...your arms, legs and abs are just perfect too if I may say so politely. I just about exploded in my suit pants at work when you poured the syrup into the open toe of your sling-back heels with those big shimmery eyes of yours looking into the camera with such a tease. every hip thrust you make and every batter pour into the front of your tights and flash of your ass on this video had me straight at attention. I highly recommend this video! I could comment and say so much more too! ed1, 10/18/18
"One of the best clips of Ariel"
Wow! This is one of the most sexy and erotic clips Ariel ever produced.

150% cool stuff.

A really musthave. surgif, 10/13/18
"Rip, wreck and ruin, then do it again"
Watching these two destroy beautiful outfit after beautiful outfit is about the hottest thing I've ever seen. This is why Philo Farnsworth invented the television camera. sauceboss, 10/4/18
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