Wardrobe Raid! Jayce Ruins and Rips All My Stuff!
Starring these models:
"Another closet raid! 4 outfits Destroyed with mess and ripped to shreds!"

This wardrobe raid nonsense is really getting old! How many times has this happened now? I'm starting to run out of clothes!

Once again, Jayce has snuck into my closet and stolen 3 of my good outfits and she intends on ruining them with food and ripping them to shreds! Here we go again!

She begins trashing the outfit I'm wearing with lots of messy foods--cheese sauce, chocolate syrup and tomato sauce! Once she's satisfied with the mess she moves on to cutting and ripping it to pieces! After that, she makes me put on another cute outfit and she does the same to it! After that, she does the same thing to 2 of my pretty gowns! That's 4 of my best outfits destroyed! But the up side is that I'm getting to do the same to her clothes! She's wearing a pair of crisp white skinny jeans and a pink button down blouse and I destoy her pretty clothes with all the messy foods and then I use the scissors and cut and rip her clothes until they're tattered shreds!

That's what you get, Jayce, for being a sneaky little brat and stealing my clothes! Payback is a bitch!

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"A sexy WAM video"
Some might say that this is a melodrama of jealousy between girlfriends played out by two experienced actresses with a complex script in which the girls do all their own stunts. I say that it is simply an excuse for two gorgeous girls to get messy and then strip topless and later naked. Dress-mess-strip-repeat Works for me.

One thing that came as a bit of a surprise was how sexy it is to watch a girl having her clothes cut and ripped off her by somebody else. Something to do with being willingly naked for the camera but more likely it is simply down to how gorgeous Ariel looks topless, then naked then Jayce naked. I tell you, they are very good.

So they both end up messy and naked which is always brilliant. Sorry, I mean, the drama plays out leaving honors satisfied, the girls reunited and they all live happily ever after. Which is nice. But mostly it's a sexy WAM video. Splosh Lover, 1/9/19
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