Silver Spa with Ariel and Jilly! Shiny Mehron Paint!
Starring these models:
"A slippery, olive oil, silver Mehron massage for Ariel! Both get painted!"

Ariel is lying on the spa table, happily waiting for the massage therapist, Jilly, to come and give her a new method of massage called Mehron Massage! Jilly enters the room and explains what she will be doing during the massage and then she gets started. She takes the oil and rubs it all over Ariel's body. Ariel is loving it! Jilly climbs onto the table and straddles Ariel, she dusts the silver Mehron powder onto Ariel's back and begins to rub it in, mixing it with the oil and turning it into a shiny, slippery paint! Jilly takes off her shirt, exposing her breasts, and uses them to rub the paint all over Ariel. The massage is now complete and Ariel is feeling so relaxed and happy. She wants to make Jilly feel good too, so she begins rubbing the silky paint all over Jilly's body too! She takes the container of Mehron and pours some over Jillly's head! Her hair and face are completely silver, making her look like a shiny statue!

Jilly takes the container and does the same to Ariel, things are really heating up now as they continue to rub and smooth the shiny paint all over each other until they are completely covered in silver sheen!

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