Jilly Gets Her White Pants + Blouse Black and Mucky!
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"Clothing destruction at it's finest! Black gunge + oil + ripping clothes"

Jilly is dressed nicely in a pair of white pants and a yellow blouse. Her pants are so clean and white and her blouse is so feminine and pretty! But that doesn't last very long at all as she begins smearing herself with black gunge mixed with cooking oil! Major clothing destruction going on here! She smears the greasy gunge all over her body, face and hair and then begins cutting and tearing her pretty blouse to shreds! She turns her attention to her pants and cuts and rips them off as well. After she has destroyed her clothes, she turns her attention to her naked body, smearing this oily mess all over her naked skin. This woman is so crazy and so hot and sexy!

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"Jilly trashes the clothes"
A fashion statement from a few years ago by the lovely, fun, beautiful Jilly. Can I say I have never seen clothes trashed and much as this. This is a whole new level of trashing. This is trashing by somebody who never wants to go near these clothes ever again. And I suppose, if you are as beautiful, particularly naked, as Jilly then why would you? Why indeed? Of course the question then remains, if no clothing then what? Mind you frim where I'm sitting, nudity looks pretty good but, Jilly being Jilly, she has a better plan. You will just have to watch but it does end with a naked girl completely coated in black, shiny paint. It's awesome. Back then when it was made, it probably set the standard. It's amazing and I urge everyone to see it. Splosh Lover, 3/31/19
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