Gown/Suit Wam+ripping+joi
Starring these models:
"They trash the gown + suit, cut and rip all clothes to shred, give you joi!"

For this scene Jayce wears a long silky red formal gown, black thigh high stockings, panties and heels, Ariel is wearing a white skirt and jacket, red blouse, black thigh high stockings, panties, bra and heels! They have all types of sticky, messy foods to ruin their outfits with! They mess each other and themselves up with all the food and then begin ripping, cutting and shredding their clothing to shreds while talking extremely dirty to you and encouraging you to jack off in front of them while they're doing it! They really want to see you cum! They rip all of their clothing to absolute shreds, tearing ripping and cutting it so much that they cut it all off and expose their tits and pussies while they're talking filthy and telling you it's time to cum for them!

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Runtime:23 mins, 44 secs
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Reviews from Paying Customers:

"Naughty and highly erotic scene with suddenly lots of dirty talk"
It all starts with Jayce in a gown, I did not care for it when I bought the scene but it's soo sexy when it gets glistening messy.

Both girls in black stockings. The action starts with Ariel messing Jayce up, both gown and stockings, then after a couple of minutes the roles are reversed. When Ariel is messy, all of a sudden Jayce starts talking dirty... both girls suggesting you a lot of naughty ideas, slowly encouraging you. I wouldn't have thought of any effect before but the whole scene then gets very erotic. After that Ariel starts with the ripping her shirt, slowly messing up her bra with circular movements... One climax leads to another...

This scene is so good with all the built-in climaxes, that it took me some views to get to the end. Two superb and sexy ladies make you dream. Very erotic indeed. Jansson, 3/16/19
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