Crazy Messy Game W/ Ariel + Vika! Gross + Savory!
Starring these models:
"Both women are desperate to win the game and Not get covered in smelly food"

Ariel and Vika are ready to play a game and the stakes are high! Whoever loses this game is getting one of the biggest, grossest savory messes that we've ever seen! There are so many industrial sized containers of all smelly savory food items! It's all going to stink! It will take days worth of showers to get this smell to go away! Neither one of these women wants to get covered in all of that nasty mess! It is so important to win this game! Neither one of them wants to be covered in ketchup, mustard, gravy, sweet and sour sauce, cheese sauce, bbq, beans, ranch dressing, mayonnaise, soup and all of the other disgusting food items lined up behind them!

It's time to play a simple game of "rock, paper, scissors" They are playing several rounds of it. The loser of each round gets hit with a pie! Whoever loses the most rounds gets to sit there while the other woman pours all of these nasty smelling foods all over their head and get made fun of the entire time! Each woman is desperate to win! Who's it gonna be?

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"Vika is lovely as always!"
I actually found out about Vika from the MG Vegas Pie Booth vid and I love her work so much and this video of her is just perfect even though she got her ass handed to her lol. J.Bond, 3/28/19
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