Chocolate Covered Pajamas + Stockings--Like A Dream!
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"A head to toe coating of chocolate syrup is like a dream! Especi"

Ariel is fast asleep in her cute little pajama set and sexy white hold up stockings. She wakes up and pulls the blankets back, in her bed she finds a box filled with bottles of chocolate syrup!

What a lovely surprise first thing in the morning! She loves chocolate syrup!

She covers herself, her pajamas and her beautiful white Nylons in all of the chocolate syrup!

She strips her pajamas off and gives herself a head to toe coating of the thick sugary syrup!

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"Chocolate Dreams"
As I look out of the window we have cold wind and rain. It is winter but I am reliably informed (it happens every year) that Spring is on the way. I am also informed (it's marked on my calendar) that Easter is coming. And Easter means chocolate. Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and even better, even more exciting, we have chocolate Ariel. No time like the present so let's get on and reduce the lovely Ariel to a mess of chocolate. I just love her breasts. Bra size is about a standard handful and there good health benefits of chocolate sauce being massaged into her proud nipples although the advantages go mainly to the person doing the massage rather than Ariel but, heh, it still counts. And when she takes two bottles of sauce and pours them over her face it makes me feel an awful lot better. No idea why but it works a treat. Love it. Splosh Lover, 3/12/19
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