Ariel + Jayce Get Messy + Sweet in Pretty Clothes
Starring these models:
"Pristine clothing gets trashed in a sweet and messy playful food fight!"

Ariel and Jayce are so ready to get sweet and messy in their beautiful clothes with an array of yummy sticky foods! Ariel is wearing a pretty silky strapless dress with white stockings and garters and silky purple heels. Jayce wears white tights with a white blouse and black mini skirt and gold strappy heels. Ariel is preparing all of the foods when Jayce walks in and they begin talking. Jayce stands up to show off her pretty outfit and Ariel secretly slips a sloppy pie on her chair. Jayce sits down and is shocked when she feels the messy pie under her cute ass! After that happens it's game on! Jayce smears purple icing all over Ariel's clean white stockings and from there it's on! They start to mess each other up with all the yummy sticky foods on the table--batter, icing, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, whipped cream and delicious cakes!

Both women end up totally trashed! Their beautiful clothes are totally ruined! But they look so hot and sexy messed up like this! Finally they strip off their's time to get in the shower!

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