Ariel and Kaydens and the Leftovers from Brunch!
Starring these models:
"Ariel and Kaydens get messy with all of the leftovers foods from brunch!"

Ariel and Kaydens have all of this leftover food from a big brunch--oatmeal, pancake syrup and batter, whipped cream, powdered sugar, raw eggs and bowls full of cereal with ice cold milk! They do some head dunking in the oatmeal and completely trash each other with all the other foods! They laugh their asses off as they trash each other with all of these random foods! They love pouring the big buckets of oatmeal over each other! Both women get naked as they get messy, they love feeling all of the sloppy substances on their naked bodies!

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"Two girls having fun"
This is Ariel, the beautiful star of UMD, doing one of the many things she does so well namely having fun getting messy with a friend.

For fun, she has a friend, the very pretty Kaydens, round for brunch then spends time getting messy together with the left-overs. Spending time sploshing themselves and sploshing each other including batter, nice cold milk spray cream, and even raw eggs. Ariel strips to nude while Kaydens to tiny knickers and socks which she attempts to fill. But the most important ingredient is the enormous fun they have while doing it. They just can't stop laughing.

Two pretty girls having a bundle of fun getting coated and (almost) nude. I love it. Happy days. Happy Christmas! More. More please. Splosh Lover, 12/20/18
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