50 Gallon Mollasses Pool + 2 Girls!
Starring these models:
"Full coverage Marshmallow Fluff and Peanut Butter + 56 Gallons of Molasses!"

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Not long ago I got a message from someone that I normally do customs for and he wanted to give us the opportunity to make the biggest mess we've ever made! He offered to send me 50 gallons of molasses, 17 pounds of marshmallow fluff and 35 pounds of peanut butter! Of course I graciously accepted! We set up a pool at my house and poured all 50 gallons into the pool while I was sitting in it! (That's another video in my store) Jayce and Dixie came over to help with the setting up and to film some customs in it! This was only Dixie's third time getting messy (I think) so I couldn't believe how amazing she was when thrown into this huge, sticky mess! It was even a bit overwhelming for me and I've been getting messy for 16 years! For this video, I took the peanut butter bucket and Dixie opted for the bucket of marshmallow fluff, as she had already done peanut butter as one of her first messy experiences and she wanted to try the fluff we'd been telling her about! And we just begin to slop it on! We slop it on so thick! There's so much of it that we can do whatever we want! We coat our body parts in unison, our bodies getting stickier and heavier by the second! We scoop every handful out of the buckets and apply it to our bodies, hair and face.

And now...it's molasses time! Dixie goes first! She gets down on her knees, all covered in pure white fluff, in the sticky pool of molasses...56 gallons by now because we added more as we went along! She's on her knees and I pour 5 big buckets full of the molasses over top of her, she goes from white to black in an instant! Then it's my turn, I get on my knees and I get 5 buckets poured over me, basically making me look like a human Reese's Peanut Butter Cup! I make sure to look up during the last couple of buckets for full and complete perfect facial coverage!
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