50 Gallons of Molasses Poured on Ariel's Head!
Starring the following model:
"Huge, Epic Pours of Large Buckets of Molasses All Over Her Head!"

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Hey guys! This is Ariel Recently I was contacted by someone that I normally do customs for. He was interested in a custom that would be the biggest mess we've ever made and suggested ordering 50 gallons of blackstrap molasses and some other supplies that you'll see in a later scene with a new model too

So of course I was totally game for all of that, we ordered it and set it up downstairs at my house with the help of several friends! It was a huge undertaking!

This video is the first custom I filmed in it that night after setting up...probably around 10:00 pm! I got on my jeans and white t-shirt with white Nike sneakers and got all of this huge buckets of molasses poured directly over me in rapid fire mode lol

It was fun and crazy and my natural reactions are what you get here! It was a bit overwhelming being on the receiving end of all of that extremely heavy, sticky, runny, stringy and cold molasses! It was just so heavy! So much force pushing down on me during these epic, huge pours! It was an incredible experience. Loved it!

So after there's no molasses left to pour over me, I marvel at how much is in the pool. It's amazing how we went from clean and empty to Woah! In just a couple of minutes! So I play in it, take off my shirt, roll around and get covered in it and do some head dunks in it too! This definitely might be the biggest mess I've ever been in! I don't know...what do you think?
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